CH950 Sugar Cane Harvester

CH950 Sugar Cane Harvester

CH950 Sugar Cane Harvester
  • For row spacing from 4 ft. 7 in. to 4 ft. 11 in. (1.4 to 1.5 m)
  • Redesigned cleaning system reduces cane loss
  • Increased pour rate reduces harvesting cost per ton1
  • Controlled Traffic feature matches tread to row spacing
  • 13.6 L PowerTech™ Engine
Engine MakeJohn Deere
Standard power @ 2100 rpm360 kW485 hp490 CV
Cooling system typeAutomatically controlled, hydraulically driven reversing cooling fan
Fuel capacity1135 L300 gal.
Standard chain and shoesSealed chainShoes: 40.6 cm16 in.
Maximum whole topper reach4.2 m13.75 ft
Crop dividers: Float controlAutomatic float control
Basecutter: Standard disc diameter58.4 cm23 in.
Chopper: Standard blade configurationTen blade (five per drum), differential
Fan diameter1.5 m5 ft
MakeJohn Deere
Emission certificationTier 3/Stage III A
Standard power @ 1900 rpm360 kW485 hp490 CV
Standard power @ 1700 rpm400 kW540 hp544 CV
Optional engine model6136NW401
Optional engine emission certificationFinal Tier 4/Stage IV
Optional power @ 2100 rpm420 kW567 hp572 CV
Optional power @ 2000 rpm440 kW595 hp600 CV
CylindersInline six, wet sleeves
Displacement13.6 L830 cu in.
Injection pumpElectronically controlled
AspirationTurbocharger with air-to-air aftercooling
Engine speedsLow idle800 rpmFull throttle1900 rpm
Alternator200 amp12 V
TypeTwo hydrostatic pumps providing variable speed
Track machine travel speed0 to 9.0 km/h0 to 5.6 mph
Fuel1135 L300 gal.
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) (Tier 4 Engine only)78.2 L20.7 gal.
Hydraulic oil309 L81.6 gal.
SprocketFive-segment, bolt-on sprocket
Track guidesWelded guides with bolted wear plates
RollersEight bottom rollers and two carrier rollers
Track tread widthStandard: 2.75 m9 ftOptional: 3 m9.83 ft
Standard chain and shoesChain and shoes, option 1Sealed and chain with 560-mm (22-in.) bent shoes for 3-m (9.83-ft) tread option onlySealed and lubricated chain with 406.4-mm (16-in.) bent shoes
Air conditioningPressurized cab with air conditioning and heating
SeatAir suspension with swivel
RadioStandard premium with Bluetooth® wireless
GPS guidanceAutoTrac ready standard
ConnectivityJDLink™ ready
CabFour halogen head lights and four working light-emitting diode (LED) lights
Auxillary for loadingFour LED lights
ServiceTwo LED lights on topper boom and two halogen lights on engine/cooling package compartment
DriveHydraulic, reversible
Shock absorptionNitrogen accumulator
Maximum whole topper reach4.2 m13.75 ft
Severing discEight bolt-on blades
Crop divider assembliesTwo side assemblies and one center assembly
Center crop divider assembly scrollsIncludes two inside scrolls
Side crop divider assemblies scrollsIncludes one inside and one outside scroll each
DriveHydraulic, reversible
Inside scrolls approach angle46 degree (angle)
Factory hard surfacingSkirts, slip-on shoes, toes
Float controlAutomatic float control
Tilt controlHydraulic
Side knivesTwo
Center knifeOne
DriveHydraulic, reversible
Height controlHydraulic
BladesThree bolt-on blades per disk
Knockdown roller assembliesTwo assemblies consisting of one front and one lower roller each
DriveHydraulic, reversible
Hydraulic height adjustmentSynchronized front and lower roller travel
BasecuttersCenter to center distance140 cm55.1 in.Two independent
DriveHydraulic, reversible
Height controlAutomatic contour basecutter height control
Discs per boxTwo
LegsVertical with bolt-on wear plates
Gearbox housingCast
Standard disc diameter58.4 cm23 in.
Discs center distance63 cm24.8 in.
Number of blades per discFive
DriveHydraulic, reversible
TypeFour-bar open
DriveHydraulic, reversible drive
Feed train assembliesTwo front split feed trains and one rear common feed train
Feedroller trainEach feed train has upper floating rollers and lower feedrollers
Front split feed trains number of rollersEach feed train has four upper rollers and four lower rollers including the buttlifter
Rear feed train number of rollersThree upper rollers and four lower rollers including the transition roller
Bearing locationExternal
DriveHydraulic, reversible
Drum center distance38.1 cm15 in.
Bearing locationExternal
Blade width9.5 cm3.74 in.
Blade configurationStandard10 blade (five per drum), overlapOption 1Eight blade (four per drum), overlap
Sill rollerStandard
Fan driveHydrostatic, variable speed
Fan diameter1.5 m5 ft
Fan number of bladesFour
Maximum fan speed930 rpm
Hood rotationHydraulically controlled
Wear ringHighly abrasive-resistant steel
Chain adjustmentGrease cylinder
Sprocket driveHydraulic motor driven, reversible
Width112 cm44.1 in.
Elevator swingHydraulically controlled, trunnion cylinders
Total swing angle170 degree (angle)
Shock absorptionNitrogen accumulator
Fan driveHydraulic
Fan number of bladesThree
Fan diameter1.22 m4 ft
Bin flap positionHydraulically controlled

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