Goldman's Tractor Packages

At Goldman, we are committed to curating the best tractor packages that perfectly cater to your needs. With our hand-picked selection of John Deere tractors and accompanying attachments, we ensure you will save money and get the most out of your investment from the very beginning.

All tractor packages include 0% financing options! See dealer for details.

Explore our packages below, or call us today to build your very own!

Lawn Commander Package with 1025R + Loader + 60-inch AutoConnect Mower Deck

Lawn Commander

Now $25,200!
Backheaux tractor package


Now $29,300!
Property Manager Package

Property Manager

Now $31,400!
Food Plot Package with 3025E, loader, 4' tiller, and spreader.

Food Plot Special

Now $31,335!
Bayou Grappler tractor package

Bayou Grappler

Now $46,400!
Deere Camp

Deere Camp

Now $35,000.00!
Workhorse Package


Now $45,300!
Green Thumb tractor package

Green Thumb

Now $31,000!