Deere Camp

Now $35,000.00!

This package includes:


•  3025E

•  5′ Rotary Cutter

•  5′ Box Blade

•  Trailer

•  5′ Disc

•  0% Financing Available


The Deere Camp package allows you to get things done no matter where you are. The reliable 3025E tractor gives you the muscle to take on demanding tasks within your operation. Attach the rotary cutter to eliminate weeds and overgrowth for a freshly maintained lawn. The box blade is available to grade, level, and backfill areas, allowing you to shape your property exactly how you want it. In addition, the discs help break up the ground, making way for healthy crops to thrive. 


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Tractor Trailer Add-On!
Add to your tractor package with a new trailer for only $3,200.*

*Price does not include sales tax, tag, and license fees. See dealer for details.

Deere Camp

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3025E Compact Utility Tractor

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See dealer for details. This deal is only available at Goldman Equipment. Supplies are limited. Deal expires January 31, 2024.