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Mower Maintenance

  • Never run an engine when equipment is indoors. Breathing exhaust fumes can be fatal.Keep sparks and flames away from batteries - battery gas can explode. Use a flashlight to check the battery fluid level.
  • Follow fueling and pre-mixing instructions carefully for two-cycle engines. Wipe up any fuel spillage quickly to avoid the possibility of a fire.
  • Never add fuel when the engine is running or hot. Add fuel outdoors where there is plenty of ventilation.
  • Shut off the engine before servicing. On electrical start units, disconnect the battery ground cable before working on the electrical system. When working on two-cycle machines, remember to turn the unit switch off and disconnect the spark plug wire.
  • Landscaping Tips

  • Mow up and down the slope with riding equipment on hillsides - not across. Avoid sudden stops or starts.
  • Landscape with safety in mind. Remember that small saplings grow into large trees: be sure to leave enough space for your mower to get around a tree when it is full-grown. Avoid growing grass in tight quarters that require you to mow in reverse.
  • Remove low-hanging tree branches that can flick an eye or knock you off balance while mowing.
  • As you put in new plants, use any extra soil to fill in depressions and low spots. Leveling the terrain provides a smoother surface for a walk-behind mower or tractor.
  • Take a careful look at hillsides. If you cannot back up the slope, or if you feel uneasy on it, don't mow the slope Instead, plant a decorative ground cover.
  • Do not use a hedge trimmer to trim hedges higher than your shoulders