Strip Till – Generation 3

Strip Till – Generation 3

Strip Till – Generation 3

Gang Operating Features:

  • Welded “tab and slot” frame for durability and reduced weight.
  • Optimized tool spacing.
  • Extended frame promotes maximum residue and soil flow between tillage components.
  • Only three grease zerks per row. Greasing interval is once each operating season.

Parallel Linkage:

  • 3/4” pivot bolts.
  • Polymer wear bushings keep the linkage assembly tight and never need greasing.
  • U-Bolt Rear Mount clamps give more vertical travel.
  • Wrap-around clamps keep gangs straight and prevent “walking” in side-draft conditions, and moves the gang forward, making the unit easier to lift.

Auto-Reset Linkage

  • Trips the gang in two dimensions when an obstruction is encountered.
  • Spring allows gang to rotate. Coulter amplifies action.
  • Gang resets automatically.

Front Coulter:

  • 1-1/8” Arbor Bolt
  • Two heavy 208 series sealed ball bearings with triple-lip seals in each coulter hub.
  • Choice of rigid or adjustable depth coulter with easy adjusting handle.
  • Optional scrapers

Super Duty Row Cleaner:

  • Heavy duty hubs with two disc bedder bearings stand up to tough soil conditions.
  • New notched discs clear residue in front of the tillage shank.
  • Twisted blades on right- and left-hand discs boost aggressive residue clearing.

Tillage Shank Options:

  • Wide variety of shanks to match your tillage and application requirements, all with fertilizer tubes standard.
  • Mole knives are available with standard wear cap items and optional heavy duty caps and tube protector shins.
  • Heavy optional shanks to meet deeper tillage and application requirements.

Rear Tillage Discs:

  • Choose the disc option that matches your Strip Till preference. Penetrate the tillage zone, close the “shank slot,” create a berm, or use disc bedders to form a bed.
  • Tillage discs are mounted on twisted flat shanks with a positive hexagon angle pitch
  • adjustment feature.
  • Each blade is adjustable vertically and laterally on the tool bar.

Rear Basket:

  • Basket weldment features 1-1/2” shaft and flange bearings with triple lip seals.
  • Seals moisture, breaks up clods and prepares the seedbed.

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