Shanks and Clamps

Shanks and Clamps

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Shanks and Clamps

Ductile Clamp

These forged clamps are tough enough to hang for years of service, and they give you a rigid grip for pin-point accuracy.

  • Clamp is designed to break a bolt when an obstruction is hit. Replacing this bolt is quicker and less expensive than replacing the entire clamp.
  • Adjustments are quick and easy. Clamps can be moved laterally on the bar. Height setting is changed with adjustment of set screws on the clamp body. Clamps are uniform and produce consistent settings along the tool bar.
  • Bolts, nuts and set screws are zinc plated for rust prevention.

Fabricated Clamp

Price-competitive clamps also give you some options and sizes not available in the cast variety.

  • Clamp bodies for 1×3” shank mount to the tool bar with 1” bolt studs.
  • Clamp bodies for 3/4×2-1/2” shank mount to the tool bar with 7/8” bolt studs.
  • Two 5/8” set screws in the side of each clamp hold the shank in place.
  • Clamp bodies are manufactured from heavy plate steel.

Heavy Duty Welded Clamps

Heavy Duty Welded Clamps are available for 1×3” shanks to fit 5×7”, 7×5” and 7×7” tool bars. Extended clamps provide extra clearance (6 or 12”) from tool bar to 1×3” shank. We can custom build any type of tool bar clamp. Please call for items not listed.

  • Clamp bodies for all clamps listed mount to the tool bar with 1” bolt studs.
  • Clamp bodies are built from heavy plate steel.
  • Two 5/8” set screws hold the shank in place.

 Shear Bolt “Breakaway” Clamps for 1×4 Shank

Prevent costly damage when you encounter subsoil ­obstructions. This two-piece clamp features shear bolt protection against damage caused in collisions with rocks, stumps, or buried pipes. Attach 1×4 shanks to 4×4, 4×7, and 7×7 inch tool bars.

• Fabricated from heavy plate steel.

• Breakaway section ­pivots the leg away from danger in case of collision with buried object.

• Replaceable shear bolt.

• Three set screws hold shank in place.

• Mounts on front or rear of tool bar.

• Use 1×3 shanks with optional spacer block.

Cultivator and Tillage Shanks

From 3/4×2-1/2″ cultivator shanks, to 1×3″ shanks tough enough to build big peaked beds, Bigham offers a wide selection of cultivator shanks to suit virtually any need. High quality tillage and cultivator shanks are built for long service in the field.

  • Straight shanks, side offset shanks, and rear offset shanks are available in two sizes. (1 x 3” and 3/4 x 2-1/2”)
  • Shanks are cut from H-5160 Alloy material, giving our shanks approximately 30% more yield strength than shanks constructed from C-1080 steel. H-5160 is the same material that the leaf springs on your pick-up are made from.
  • Durable ductile foot piece features a trip out mechanism to avoid unnecessary damage. Sweep mount is uniform.
  • Bigham No-Twist™ Foot Piece holds our Bigham Hi-Wing Buster rock steady on a variety of 1×3” shanks without a buster block.
  • All bolts are zinc plated for rust prevention.

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