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Module Builders

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Module Builders

Effortless Dependable Operation

A center-mounted hydraulic cylinder on rear door is a definite plus for effortless operation. The simple but “sure-lock” design offers years of dependable service. Expanded metal on the front and rear allows the operator to see behind the tractor during transport for safer operation. The expanded metal also prevents “blow back” while dumping.

Producers typically own a module builder for ten years or more. You expect and deserve convenience and resale value for your money. No other module builder provides you with this strength or features 10 gauge construction.

A 96″ stroke tamper cylinder provides compaction of the cotton from the start to enhance the quality of the module. The arched foot piece assists in rounding the top to conform to the desired shape, resulting in modules which tarp well and shed water. ALL WELDED CONSTRUCTION CARRIES A THREE YEAR WARRANTY!

Customers Choice, Dual Wheels or Singles

Our dual eight hole wheels with 5,000 lb. rated spindles are combined with a walking beam providing smooth transport in the field or on the road. Safe and reliable. Also, the side construction is braced in a fashion that prevents bowing of the box.

Single truck tire combines adequate load carrying capability with high speed transportation. Single 8,000 hub and spindle with high capacity truck tires.

The CRUSTBUSTER/SPEED KING Module Builder is the only builder on the market using heavy 10 gauge sheet metal construction. See how this compares to the competition’s 12 or 14 gauge construction. Strength and durability are just part of reason that CrustBuster/Speed King beats the competition.


  • 1000 RPM direct mounted PTO pump.
  • Rated minimum 21 GPM to maximum 39 GPM. Eliminates driveline.
  • 30000 PSI rated 3-spool directional valve.
  • System operating pressure set at 2000
  • Large capacity hydraulic reservoir with suction and return filters. Total system capacity (75 gallons).
  • Hydraulic hoses rated at 3000 PSI operating pressure with SAE JIC flared hose ends.
  • Hydraulic tubing rather than black pipe. No pipe threads means cleaner and fewer leaks.

The FASTEST, SMOOTHEST, MOST QUIET bridge on the market.

  • Uses #80 chain.
  • Uses nylatron slide material to provide smooth and quiet operation of bridge.
  • Easy take-up on chain. Incorporates short lengths of chain for easy removal after take-up is used. No chain cutting required.
  • Uses 5″ urethane guide roller with sealed bearing providing long wear and requires no lubrication.
  • Uses two 32 cubic inch hydraulic motors mounted directly to 10″ drive wheels. Motor male output shaft splined mated to splined female input shaft.
  • 10″ drive wheel uses 1″ of urethane bonded to hub. This combination provides long wearing material which gives excellent traction for bridge.
  • Both sides of 10″ drive/bridge carrier wheel supported by 2″ bearings.
  • Inside guide uses nylatron slides to give quick, smooth response.
  • Outside guide rollers provide straight driving of bridge. No bridge racking or walking when traveling down builder.
  • Posi-track hydraulic design.


  • Caged tamper cylinder guide.
  • Uses heavy-duty 6 x 6 upright guide tubing.
  • 96″ Stroke tamping cylinder.
  • Arched footpiece for rounded top on module.
  • Cylinder lock is visible user friendly and no hydraulics.
  • Heavy-duty pads provided on top and bottom strokes of tamping cylinder.

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