Box-Mounted Auger

Box-Mounted Auger

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UM Unverferth
Box-Mounted Auger


  • Features 180° horizontal pivot and 90° vertical adjustment to let you unload exactly where you want, even in tight spaces
  • Patented 12-inch diameter, deep-intake sump allows increased uptake of material and fast unloading
  • Top-mounted 6-cubic-inch hydraulic motor keeps components cleaner for longer life
  • Color-coded nylon cords permit easy on-off control
  • Winch includes safety latch for convenient, one-person operation
  • Winch on 16′ model is equipped with an automatic brake for greater control
  • Hydraulic requirements of just 6-12 gallons per minute and 1,200 p.s.i.
  • Unload at up to 8 bushels per minute with brush-tip flighting and 10 bushels per minute or 900 pounds of bulk material per minute equipped with plastic or steel flighting
  • Adjustable hopper allows easy attachment to many makes and models of boxes
  • Patented, rubber-cushioned, flip-over transport bracket protects auger and provides faster, safer operation
  • Six-inch diameter auger is available in 16- or 14-lengths
  • Tube choices include either a heavy-duty ABS plastic, or rugged 16-gauge steel for long life
  • All metal parts are powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance


  • Flighting options include:
    • Brush-tip for fast, gentle seed unloading
    • Cupped 5″ plastic flighting with stainless steel shaft for seed and fertilizer handling depending on tube
    • Heavy-duty cupped steel (steel tube) for general purpose handling
    • Stainless steel (plastic tube) for fertilizer handling
  • 5’6″ Telescopic, 3-stage downspout extends reach up to 10′
  • 9′ Telescopic, 2-stage downspout extends reach up to 14’9″
  • Electronic on/off control package for auger with telescopic downspout option
  • Box-mountable Power Pack hydraulic power unit for self-contained use
    • Produces 6.5 GPM flow at 2900 p.s.i. of hydraulic flow to easily power your auger
    • 8 (240CC) horsepower Honda engine with electric start and pull-start backup
    • 4.5 gallon reservoir with adjustable relief valve along with combination level indicator/temperature gauge
    • Reservoir features in-line return filter and intake strainer to keep hydraulic system clean
    • Available mounting bracket for universal mounting to gravity boxes

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