889 Culti-Lister

889 Culti-Lister

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889 Culti-Lister

Model 889 Features

  • Parallel linkage incorporates polymer bushings that never need greasing.
  • Height adjustable front tooling.
  • Selection of rear tooling.
  • Exclusive rigid shank with foot piece. Holds our buster or bedding sweep firmly in place for straight, true rows, and allows pin-point adjustment of cultivator sweep.
  • Front slot for cross tube to accommodate additional tools.
  • Rugged gang construction features reinforced connection points for long life.

Gang Operating Features

  • Optimized tool spacing.
  • Maximum trash and soil flow between tillage components is based on many years of field experience.
  • Only one grease zerk per row. Greasing interval is once each operating season.

Parallel Linkage

  • 3/4” Diameter Pivot Bolts
  • Polymer wear bushings keep the linkage assembly tight and do not require grease.
  • U-Bolt mounted clamps give more vertical travel.
  • Wrap-around clamp keeps gang straight and prevents “walking” in side-draft
  • conditions, and moves the gang forward, making the unit easier to lift.

 Tooling Bar

  • Optional Quick Adjust tooling receiver for easy pin adjusting in 1/2” increments.

 Adjustable Front Coulter

  • 1-1/8” Arbor Bolt
  • Two heavy 208 series sealed ball bearings with triple-lip seals in each coulter hub.
  • Adjust coulter depth with easy adjusting handle.

Depth Control Tire

  • Front 18×8.5×8 8-ply tire provides positive depth control.
  • Four-hole hub equipped w/2 triple-lip sealed ball bearings.

Non-Adjust Front Coulter

  • 1-1/8” Arbor Bolt
  • Two heavy 208 series sealed ball bearings with triple-lip seals in each coulter hub.
  • Available in fixed or swivel.

 Barring Off Discs

  • Peel weeds away from young, tender crops or hill dirt into the root base of more mature crops.
  • Compound angle settings allow you to pitch the cutting edge away from the crop to prevent root pruning.

 Crop Hoods and Shields

  • Adjustable side-to-side for any row width, front-to-back to match sweep placement, up and down for desired protection.
  • Set fenders to control flow for maximum protection or raise to push soil into the base of the crop.
  • Parallel link collision protection.

Rear Shanks

  • Adjustable foot piece offers friction trip protection.
  • Mount Sweep for clean-out and cultivating operations or mount buster for lister operations.

Rear Bedding Sweep

  • Builds and shapes beds.
  • Adjusts to vary bed height.

Rear Cultivator Sweep

Undercuts weeds and pushes dirt onto base of mature plants.

Irrigation Shovel

Clears furrows for efficient irrigation flow.

Inter-row Ripper Shank

  • Height adjustable 1×3 or 1×4 shank, cut from high-strength material to withstand deep soil penetration. Standard fertilizer tubes for liquid fertilizer application.
  • 1×3 shank scarfed on soil edge and equipped with chromium carbide point.
  • 1×4 shank features cast sharpened chromium carbide shin.

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