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Setting up Task Documentation on John Deere Display for Data Processing

Step 1

Push Menu: Bottom Right Hand Side

Push GS3: Soft Letter Key D

Push Document: Soft Letter Key l

Push New: (tab at top of the screen)

Push Planting/Seeding:

Push Seed type:

Select crop you are planting

Push Add Variety: (Left hand center of Screen)


Lot Number (can get this form bag of seed)

Push Accept:

Push Advance setup to enter further documentation if you choose to do so

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To Verify the Task is Being Documented

Step 2

Push Menu:

Push GS3:

Push Totals:

The numbers displayed on this screen should be changing if task is being documented

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Creating AB Line in Arm Rest Command Center

Step 1 | Home Page

Step 2 | Softkey | F

Step 3 | Softkey | G

Step 4 | Softkey | A

Step 5 | Softkey | B

Step 6 | Softkey | Yes

Step 7 | Softkey | A

Step 8 | Resume/Auto Switch